FlashDevelop 3.0 beta

FlashDevelop is an action script and a web development environment
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FlashDevelop is a freeware, which incorporates plenty of stuff like Adobe Flex SDK, Haxe, Mtasc, Adobe Flash IDE and Swfmill.
It is basically an action script and a good web development environment that incorporates AS3 Project management, which has optimized Adobe Flex SDK, AS2 Project management offering Swfmill and Mtasc integration with the help of a portable standalone command line tool.

Its key feature also includes Advanced ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 completion along with code exploration having automatic detection of classpath even in absence of project.

The user can test movies in the Adobe Flash IDE, with a facility to view error results with a mere click of a button, and the software also offers features such as: Automatic JavaDoc creation, smart Actionscript help websearch, option to Jump to class/member declaration, XML, JS, CSS, HTML/PHP code highlighting, Multibyte character encoding, Program menu customization, as2api GUI for documentation generation, Snippets, Lines bookmarks, Code folding, and zooming capabilities.

It also features smart contextual Actionscript code generators and MTSAC compilation and code checking along with an option to see error results.

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  • Extensive support to web development


  • Open source, so continuous changes
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