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FlashDevelop v5.3.3
22 Sep 2020
FlashDevelop v5.0.1
15 Jun 2015
FlashDevelop v4.7.2
18 Jan 2015
FlashDevelop v4.6.4
2 May 2014
FlashDevelop v4.5.2
20 Nov 2013
FlashDevelop v4.4.3
21 Apr 2013
FlashDevelop v4.3.0
19 Feb 2013
FlashDevelop v4.2.4
12 Nov 2012
Editorial review
FlashDevelop v4.1.0
2 Nov 2012
FlashDevelop v4.0.4
25 Apr 2011
FlashDevelop v3.3.4
28 Sep 2010
FlashDevelop v3.2.2
28 May 2010
FlashDevelop v3.1.1
8 Jan 2010
FlashDevelop v3.0.6
21 Apr 2009
FlashDevelop v3.0b
3.0 β
14 Feb 2008
Editorial review
FlashDevelop v2.0.2.24738
12 Mar 2008
FlashDevelop v2.0b
2.0 β
1 May 2010

What's new

v5.0.1 [15 Jun 2015]
Features, fixes and improvements: (changes)
* Appman config update for FP and AIR SDK 18
* Added option to remove invalid projects and files from recents
* UI and theming fixes and improvements
* Custom scrollbars enabled for Thyleus, Obsidian and 3rd party themes (reapply to fix bad disabled colors)
* AS3 Flash and AIR templates default to FP18
* Haxe Flash templates defaults to FP12
* Haxe doc link update in help menu
* Results and Output is now limited to 1000 entries in one queue, prevents UI lockups
* Haxe metadata completion fixes
* Fix exception caused by interpolation completion in comments
* CodeFormatter fix, dollar can be in the identifier
* Windows XP support fixes

v4.4.3 [21 Apr 2013]
--AIR SDK and FP updates
--Encoding detection and UTF-7 fixed
--Safer file recognition in Results panel
--Show Haxe classpath parsing in status bar
--UITools.OnMouseHoverEnd event delegate added
--iOS packaging readme links updated in templates
--Recognize 'builtin.swc' as an API SWC like playerglobal
--Win32 window activation/restore fix as it caused a temp ui lockup
--No more div element for Haxe-js traces in template
--Haxe compilation for CSharp and Java tested
--SourceControl now verify paths to tools

v4.3.0 [19 Feb 2013]
--Chinese localization added
--Split View functionality added
--Mobile project *.bat file fixes
--Haxe class wizard template added
--Haxe completion fixes and improvements
--UI and revised syntax themes added (5 included)
--Projects now can feed basic completion (COMPLETION file in project root)
--Hover mouse wheel now works without clicking the controls
--The default toolbar is now more compact
--Scintilla control updated to 3.2.4
--AS3 compiler config blocks support
--Improved fullscreen functionality
--FP 11.6 and AIR SDK 3.6 updates
--Insert color dialog improvements
--Generic project improvements
--Lots of minor fixes and improvements

v4.2.4 [12 Nov 2012]
* German localizations updated
* AIR SDK 3.5 and FP 11.5 support added
* Syntax coloring config files are loaded only from *.xml files
* Syntax coloring config is now reloaded after theme install (see docs for Extensions)
* A new generic project type added (*.fdproj) which has only pre, post and run commands
* Git/Mercurial change, don't monitor file rename/delete/move
* The -swf-version option is now set for AIR projects
* Basic completion bug fixes and improvements
* FDBuild now expands environment variables
+ Some other small bug fixes

v4.0.4 [25 Apr 2011]
* New startpage design
Bug fixes and improvements:
* FlashBuilder project import fixes
* Code generation fixes and improvements
* ASCompletion bug fixes and improvements
* Project properties dialog improvements
* HTML and JS templates updated to HTML5
* Flash security file encoding fixes
+ Other bug fixes, small features and improvements

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